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Ability to send message to all Dolores users *right now*

Ended on 07/13/2016
Winning bid (Geoff Harcourt): $490.00


CSS, HTML, Rails, and Ruby

Auction requirements

At least one high-level (Capybara) test to confirm the following:

  • Given that I am an admin
  • And and I am logged in
  • When I create a new message (with a title and message body)
  • Then I should be able to see the message's title, body, and created_at timestamp in ET in a list of "other messages"
  • And I should be able to test a send of that message to one person
  • When I click 'Send"
  • And I see a JavaScript confirm that asks "Are you sure you want to send this message to all Slack users right now?
  • And I click "Ok" on the JS confirm
  • Then the message should be sent to to all employees in the Dolores system
  • And I should see that the message last_sent_at datetime was updated (in ET)

Note that non-admin users cannot create or send these types of messages, but they may view them.

Any other classes/methods that are introduced in order to complete the above feature should have unit tests.

This is implementation advice but not required:

This type of message feels significantly different from a regular scheduled_message so it may make sense to create a new table called messages. The table should have the following fields:

  • created_at (datetime - required)
  • updated_at (datetime - required)
  • title (string - required)
  • body (text - required)
  • last_sent_at (datetime - not required)

For the testing step, you can re-create the existing testing functionality available for scheduled messages.

The JavaScript confirm step is just a basic confirm dialog, no need for fancy styling.

See the issue for UI suggestions

Bidder DUNS Amount Date (EST)
Summers, Dane 080194337 $3,400.00 July 13, 2016 12:53:42 PM EDT
SAASTREE LLC 080191524 $1,498.00 July 13, 2016 12:19:22 PM EDT
Mile Two 079913221 $790.00 July 13, 2016 09:50:35 AM EDT
WeLike, LLC 827386942 $2,000.00 July 12, 2016 02:46:22 PM EDT
Mila Frerichs 313210696 $1,299.00 July 12, 2016 03:24:43 AM EDT
Evan Rose 07-944-1444 $3,000.00 July 11, 2016 03:05:57 PM EDT
Dan Malks 079977978 $1,250.00 July 11, 2016 02:46:56 PM EDT
Geoff Harcourt 148361251 $490.00 * July 11, 2016 01:03:17 PM EDT

* - winning bid

Bidding closed

Bidding for this auction closed on July 13, 2016 01:00:00 PM EDT.

Auction started at

July 11, 2016 01:00:00 PM EDT

Auction ended at

July 13, 2016 01:00:00 PM EDT

Delivery deadline

July 20, 2016 01:00:00 PM EDT

Eligible vendors only

Auction type:

Sealed bid (rules)

Paid at:

July 29, 2016 01:37:46 PM EDT

Accepted at:

July 21, 2016 09:33:37 AM EDT

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