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Closed Ended on: 09/22/2016
Winning bid: $249.00

Right now the language and behavior of the "I'm in" button doesn't accurately represent to the user that they are just applying for an opportunity. We want to improve that experience.

Closed Ended on: 09/16/2016
Winning bid: $525.00

We are introducing the concept of full-time detail opportunities via the Open Opportunities platform, and we need to show specific eligibility requirements for this type of opportunity to potential applicants, while still retaining the default eligibility requirements for all other opportunities

Closed Ended on: 09/16/2016
Winning bid: $599.00

We'd like to streamline the process of updating the data on the discovery tool to make it easier for contracting officers to find current information about those vendors and the services that they provide.

Closed Ended on: 09/02/2016
Winning bid: $400.00

The labor category filter on CALC needs to be updated so it searches for and finds vendors based on the updated labor category numbers (rather than the old names) since they are no longer stored that way.

Closed Ended on: 09/02/2016
Winning bid: $299.00

The FedRAMP dashboard is concerned with providing real-time transparency into the FedRAMP status of cloud service products as well as which agencies are using which products. Currently, the relationship exists in the data, but it's not being reflected correctly in the dashboard.

Closed Ended on: 08/25/2016
Winning bid: $1,440.00

This auction is for betaFEC, which is the in-progress, complete redesign of the Federal Election Commission’s online presence. Wagtail — our content management system (CMS) for this project — needs some templates. This auction seeks the creation of three templates based on our mockups.

Closed Ended on: 08/24/2016
Winning bid: $475.00

We currently create auctions that use one of two forms of payment. But, we can only publish auctions that use the 18F purchase card for vendor payment. We need to be able to publish auctions that use other forms of payment.

Closed Ended on: 07/13/2016
Winning bid: $490.00

Dolores currently does not know about all 18F employees, and we'd like to change that. This task involves importing our Slack employee records into Dolores.

Closed Ended on: 07/13/2016
Winning bid: $490.00

Right now, Dolores can only notify employees about something on a schedule, but she may at times want to let all of 18F know something right now!

Closed Ended on: 06/22/2016
Winning bid: $495.00

We need the ability to send recurring policy reminders to our team here at 18F on a quarterly basis and we want to automate this by leveraging the existing Dolores Landingham Slack bot.

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